Bulky Lesions

*Please note a referral from your GP or dermatologist may be needed before any consultation or treatment. 

At the Manchester Vein Clinic we provide a large range of cosmetic laser treatments for your skin. Our clinical practitioners use the most cutting edge tried and tested laser technology north of London. We provide tailor made treatments that suit you to get the best outcome for your skin at an affordable price.

Bulky lesions (such as skin tags, benign moles, raised pigmented lesions and other raised lesions) are abnormalities in the skin tissue that vary in colour and texture, and may form over time for various reasons.

The green and  yellow  light  from  the  Dual  Yellow  laser is absorbed by the tissue, removing the bulky lesion permanently without causing any bleeding. This treatment uses a unique property of the Dual Yellow laser combining two different wave lengths for optimum results.

Bulky Lesions - Before & After

How many treatments are required?

You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. Many bulky lesions can effectively be removed instantly.

 Norseld Dual Yellow Treatments now available. See Prices

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